The Previcon , limited liability company , was formed in August 1976 by ​​several businessmen returning from Angola and began its activity in the construction sector . In 1977 implemented a manufactures precast concrete , in place, which later came to transform the current industrial area of Oliveira de Friars . Over the years it has been increasing its manufacturing facilities and at the same time , was appearing in new market products. Pioneered in Portugal , in the manufacture of RIPA prestressed concrete, and is still the main supplier of this product to the joists of the central and northern areas of the country factories. In 1993 has launched the studs in prestressed concrete , for vineyards , orchards and fences . In 1999 began production of shackles and concrete pipes . In 2000 obtained the Certification according to NP EN ISO 9002 . That same year the company became a public limited company . In 2003 obtained certification according to NP EN ISO 9001:2000.



The Previcon has always devoted great care and attention to quality problems of their products to achieve full customer satisfaction. Obtaining Quality Certification was thus formalizing a procedure that was already established norm and practiced since the beginning of the activity.




For many years the strip of concrete was manufactured by traditional methods . The Previcon was the first company to manufacture RIPA prestressed concrete. Also POLES / struts for vineyards , orchards and fences were made ​​in individual molds or joists were applied as posts / struts . Previcon was the first company to manufacture the POLES / struts in prestressed concrete, and format appropriate to the aim pursued armor. It is currently the main supplier of this product in the central and northern markets . In 2006 we created the product called "ISOLRIPA®", composed of beams, slats , and a piece of EPS , for the thermal insulation of roofs of all buildings . In 2009 we created called " Isoltermix ® " product, which is a system composed of a block of lightweight concrete and various parts of the same nature , having therein a piece of EPS ( sandwich type ) for the walls that comply ass thermal and acoustic requirements of residential buildings . The block Isoltermix ® is patented under the registration of National Utility Model No. 10497 . In 2010 we created the " Round Pillar " in prestressed concrete , designed to orchards and vineyards seals . This product is no longer patented : National Utility Model No. 10632 . In 2011 we created the lightweight concrete block called " Isoltics Heat ", to masonry exterior walls covered with ETICS system ( capoto ) . In 2012 we created the system of structural masonry for exterior called " PREZCAL " , with thermal and acoustic insulation for housing and other buildings , characterized by blocks composed of granulated cork , hydraulic lime and sand , and filled in their interior voids with a organic compound based on shells cleaned and crushed shells. National Utility Model No. 10808 .